Nature Walks

The activity is carried out along the dry river channel , experiencing the calmness and wildlife of Chobe.

Bird Watching

Is most suitable at a water hole… either in the morning or late afternoon.

Family Vacation

Its a great place for those who want to come together as families or friends and enjoying nature.

Our Campsites

MBC 01

It is located under Moshikiri Tree, it s a wide campsite with very thick shade and can take up to 20+ people , its just above the dead Ant Hill which makes a view to the water hole more interesting.

MBC 02

It is located under Lead Wood Tree and as such do not provide a lot of shade, however the view to the water hole is excellent. lt is ideally suitable for up to 6 People.

MBC 03

Just inside the dry channel, This camp is very much located almost inside the dry channel.

MBC 04

It is is the last campsite and far towards the thick bush, I has ample shade with long Umbrella Trees surrounding the camp.

MBC 05

It is at the far end of other campsites .On the northern part of this camp lies open plain where animals graze after having water from the center of the camp.

MBC 06

Located on the edge of the pond , it is home for elephants. They come as visitors after drinking and pass through the camp.

MBC 07

It is a surrounded by massive acacia trees, giving a good shade during hot days. Next to the braai stand lies a wood used as a bench.

MBC 08

It is at the other side of site 6 and 7, It share ablution with this 2 campsites and it also has a very nice shade, It is serviced with dust bin stand pipe water for drinking as well as fire place.

MBC 09

It is a remote campsite and more isolated..Its also far from the ablution blocks. suitable for those who want to stay overnight.

MBC 10

It is also an isolated camp but in an open space, next to entrance. It has quiet a nice shade and its more raising above the ground.


We have a wide range of activities including a boat or Mokoro Cruise towards Ngoma Gate through the channels when the river arrives, navigating through the channels towards main Chobe river which is approximately 5KM from our Camp.

Ablution Blocks

We have 3 ablution blocks, built out of reeds, we use Canvas Drop Bucket showers, we can either provide Hot water or clients can do themselves. We have a stand with a bucket in the camp where clients can prepare hot water, we also have flushing toilets.