About Molapo Bush Camp

The name of the camp is derived from it’s location, A Bush Camp, It is located on the bush along the Savuti, Linyanti bus, 12km from Kachikau Village. The camp is along the animal coridors of Chobe Forest Reserve.

Bush Experience

The camp is ideally for those who want real bush life experience, its a quiet and unique camp which is suitable for any type of traveler. This is a where you need to be if you want peace of mind in the wild , among others trees found within the camp are Mochaba, Acacia Trees, Lead Wood… with massive shade.


The camp is located 107KM from Kasane on your way to Savuti along the Kachikau Sand Trail, you drive past kachikau ,you have options to take savuti road after kachikau or Linyanti Road , then after 10KM turn right, drive 2km and reach Molapo.


We have 10 campsites and all are privately located, the campsites lies within a 9 hector of land and Our 6 Camps are Channel Front. The other 4 campsites sorround a natural Pond which during raining season gets filled up inviting animals for a drink.

During Raining Season or when Chobe river reach the camp all the channels are filled with water giving you a cool breeze while staying at your camp and bird life is extraodinary, the channel also attracts Elephants,Girrafes,Kudus,Impalas,Lions,Hynas, The area is just a home for wildlife. All our camps are serviced with braai stand , stand pipe water , fire place.

Water Supply

We have a bore hole which its main idea is to help provide water to wild animals during dry season, animals gather at the water hole which is adjacent to all our camps, you have an opportunity to view the magnificent wildlife within the camp ,this is the highlight of Molapo Bush Camp!

Solar System

We use green technology, we take pride in environmental conservation and thus using solar to pump water though out the camp and this in return ensures our mandate of living African style… A quiet Environment